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Indiana Jones and the, … the … what is it again?

Let me preface this by saying, if you haven’t seen the movie – don’t read the post.  I am an absolute fanatic about knowing as little as possible about the plot to a movie before I go see it.  I despise movie reviews that tell you the story in minute detail down to the last nuance of an actor’s performance.  Those are not reviews, those are re-tellings.  With that in mind, this is not a review.  Be forewarned that I may go into details of plot points from the movie (or I may not – I never know where I’ll end up when I start writing).

The complete title of the new Indiana Jones movie keeps eluding me.  Its not as catchy as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I think they should have gone with “Indiana Jones and the Saucermen from Mars” myself.  That title would have been an instant reminder that this is supposed to be a throw back to the old serial cliffhangers of the past and meant to be totally ridiculous.  And mind you, it is totally ridiculous but it is also entertaining, funny, exciting and completely worth the price of admission.  

Granted I am slightly prejudiced — Harrison and I had a little thing going when we were both younger — of course, Harrison never knew about it.  I was like many women my age in love with Hans Solo and Prof. Jones.  But that infatuation faded as the years went by… many, many years went by.  I will admit to a bit of shock upon seeing Mr. Ford back in the fedora up on the huge screen.  He has aged (I, of course, am as dewey fresh as I was 20 years ago).  But it was just an initial shock and it quickly changed into that warm feeling you get from seeing an old friend.  He has developed a Spencer Tracy-esque kind of quality and if not careful, one could easily find one’s self falling for him all over again….

But I digress, the movie is fun, fast paced and ultimately satisfying.  As much as I wanted to dislike Shia LaBeouf, I couldn’t.  He does an outstanding job carrying the arrogance of youth and still making the character understandable and ultimately loveable.  AND HERE IS A SPOILER WARNING – DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU READ ANY FURTHER AND ARE SPOILED:  It was evident from the beginning that he was Indie’s son.  It wasn’t completely telegraphed by Spielberg but neither was it hidden.  So that when Karen Allen appears and spills the beans, it isn’t quite a “Luke I am your father” type moment – but then really I don’t think its meant to be.  Ms. Allen by the way looks amazing and the chemistry between herself and Ford is still there.  Their relationship was completely right and believable and heart-warming.  I think it struck a chord in me and perhaps other woman may age – the fantasy of that great guy that got away re-appearing and everything just falling into place….

But I digress again.  The plot is silly but fun.  Ms. Blanchett is not as truly evil as previous Indie villains have been and her Russian accent slips away every so often but her performance is cartoony and entertaining altho’ I wish she had gone a little more over the top (a la Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers) but, who am I to tell Cate Blanchett and Steven Spielberg about movie acting.

All in all, escapist fun and well worth seeing.


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One thought on “Indiana Jones and the, … the … what is it again?

  1. Chauncey on said:

    Sorry Moon. I knew it would be campy, that goes without saying but it was really campy. What was with those groundhogs in the beginning. I thought I was watching CaddyShack. I agree with the whole Harrison thing. How cool that you had a one sided fling with him back in the day. I am thrilled he is aging naturally and not like al Pacino. Can you say work done? I will say it was action packed and the Labouf kid didn’t stink. Well there’s my two cents.

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