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Should I….

I’m thinking about posting a new item over at my Etsy store.  What?  You’ve not been to my Etsy store!! See that little picture over there on the right.  Click on it and off you’ll go … but wait, make sure to come back.  That’s okay I’ll wait…… (taps foot, checks watch, waits…..).  

Welcome back (you did go check it out didn’t you?).  Anyway, this is what I’m thinking about posting:

I call it “I Quit (Freedom)” – Let me ‘splain… I work in an office.  I work on a keyboard all day and then come home and sit at the keyboard some more.  Lately I’ve been recycling or upcycling or some may even call it downclycing the computer equipment that gets discarded at the office.  I have been wanting to destroy a keyboard with paint for some time – it must be a control issue.  I cannot tell you the sense of happiness and liberation I got from splattering paint (the medium I thought I would spend my life working with) upon the keyboard (the medium I have ended up spending my life working with).  It was sheer joy.  It was done without thought, without a plan and without a care in the world.  It was fun.  It was messy.  It was exhilarating.  But does that carry through in the final piece?  Where I see happiness, will some one else see messy drippiness and ultimately does that matter?  Art is whatever sings true to the artist and if it sings true to at least one someone else, it is successful.  

I have found myself on several occasions defending the work of Mark Rothko (if you don’t know his work, image google him – he’s wonderful).  For the most part I prefer art that is in some way figurative, but I understand work that is not.  I have always had a soft spot for Rothko – his work just kind of vibrates, hums and sometimes even sings for me.  It is hard to explain and define what is art.  Its an individual choice. Anyway, the more I write, the more I think that perhaps I will post this at my shop.  Or perhaps I’ll just keep this one for myself and go all Jackson Pollack on the next keyboard… hmm or perhaps I’ll try some Van Gogh again… or some Rothko.


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One thought on “Should I….

  1. I can’t think of a more suitable venue for launching this piece than Etsy. Many of the community members can relate to the dread of trapped at the PC versus the cavas. BTW I enjoy your writing style.

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