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Okay, so I’m snooty too….

As was pointed out to me very politely and rather logically by a couple of commentators, in my previous entry, I contradict myself by dissing Clay Aiken while tisk-tisking away at Tracy Letts for being judgmental.  Yes. I am just as snooty as Mr. Letts.   I made an assumption based on a personal opinion and not any factual information.  I apologize.  I still do not like Clay Aiken as a performer but that is my opinion and not likely to change.  I know he has a large fan base and many appreciate his talents.  We all are entitled to our opinions.  There are a lot of people whose talent I appreciate that others don’t quite appreciate us much as I do…. Weird Al Yankovic any one?  

Seriously, these comments opened up a whole can of worms as to the value of training and performance and is an actor or painter or singer any less because he hasn’t studied for years at an Academy of Arts to learn to act, or paint or sing.  And shouldn’t you judge any artist just on the actual performance and not his background?  We’ll save this for another day when a more thought out answer can be presented.  Good night.  

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