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Blog Whoring? (or WWRD – What would Ripken do?)

I have found myself rather obsessed.  I keep track of the traffic on this site almost obsessively – okay, not almost, I am obsessive about it.  I do the same at my Etsy store (that’s the equivalent of product placement in a movie, huh?)  I don’t know what the sense of it all is.  Traffic does not necessarily equate with sales at the store or any validation of my blog.  I have only been “seriously” writing on the blog for about a week and a half.  In that period of time, I have noticed that any time my tags include celebrity names, the traffic goes up.  I noticed this specifically with Clay Aiken.  Apparently his fans really, really, truly, really keep track of his appearances in blogs.  Now, do I tag this post with Clay Aiken in order to get traffic? Do I tag this post with Sex and the City in order to get traffic?  What’s the point of getting traffic through the blog if its meaningless?  The Washington Post ran a piece on Cal Ripken a few years ago that stated:

 As a youth, he said, he was so consumed by winning, even at card games, he would sneakily deal himself extra cards. But he said he learned from that.  “Ultimately, at the end of the day, you couldn’t say you were better than the other person because you knew you had a secret,” he said. “You knew you had cheated.”

I love Cal and all he represents – the work ethic, the honesty, the Orioles (btw, come on, Orioles, we sooooo need a winning season!)  So, how will I tag this?  Do I put in Clay Aiken’s name and draw in the Claynation?  Do I draw in the Sex and the City crowd by tagging it with those.  Obviously I’d be well within my rights to do so since I have discussed them both.  But what would be the point?  Check the tags and see what I decided.  I wonder if its the tags or the actual names within the blog – just by using certain names will Google crawl through and pull those out anyway.  Don’t know.  We’ll find out.  

Anyway, the point of creating this blog was to push the craft store, right?  So, here without further ado is  an entry from my store.  Here take a look, buy it … buy it….  (said in my best Stimpy voice)





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One thought on “Blog Whoring? (or WWRD – What would Ripken do?)

  1. First off, LOVE your name *smiles*!
    And yes, I too am new and had the same wonders about the blog world but find that I am rather enjoying it….
    Have a great one!

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