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Harry Potter, Hogwarts and all

Harry Potter?  Harry Potter? (said in my best Dobby voice)  Yup, the Harry Potter series has inspired many artists in many mediums.  Stories, poems, videos, paintings and an astonishing variety of craft items have been produced based upon J.K. Rowling’s creation.  I myself am quite a Potter aficionado (it sounds better than Potter-dork or Potter Head which is what I usually refer to myself as).  What you didn’t know?  Why, yes.  I’ll admit it here.  Under all the cynicism, sarcasm and jaded world traveler veneer beats the heart of a fantasy loving, fairy-believing, Snape trusting fool.  Don’t  spread it around.  The sad story of the Potions Master is what started me on making Potter inspired bags and purses.  (Oh and if you’ve not read the last book this does have a slight spoiler warning on it so turn away if you wish to remain unspoiled).  This was my first Potter item – it has sold (but I will be making more).  It is the Potions Master’s Pouch:

    The Potions Master’s pouch is deep black with buttons on one side and a black ribbon to tie up all his secrets nice and tight. Inside the lining is made of a sheer, shimmering green that peeks through the closure to remind him of his beloved’s eyes.  Let me know if you like it, and I can make one up for you.  

Boofolobeads’ Etsy Store

Boofolobeads’ etsy store is resplendid with items to show your true Hogwarts color.  She has a whole section of Potter inspired items from bookbeads to cellphone sweaters.  (Check out Boofolobeads’ Harry Potter section).  I particularly like the bookbeads customized for each the house colors and also for all of the Potter books (one is currently gracing my copy of the Order of the Phoenix):

Order of the Phoenix BookbeadsSlytherin bookbeads


Order of the Phoenix bookbeads.


And the Gryffindor cellphone sweater is practical

and a great way to show your Potter spirit  (there’s one for each of the houses and they’re only $7!)


 Current Potter-inspired items in my shop

Bellatrix’s bag.  I believe Bellatrix wasn’t completely evil. She just fell in with a bad crowd and in love with the ultimate bad boy. I’m sure this purse would have caught the eye of He Who Must Not Be Named – after all its a well known fact that he had excellent fashion taste. As a blog special (and as a reward for having read this far), if you convo me at Etsy mentioning you read this here – I will reserve Bellatrix’ Bag for you at the ganga price (if your from Southern Arizona you’ll know that means a great deal) of $15.00 plus I will take care of the shipping costs!

Tonight, I’m just about ready to re-list Minerva’s Evening Bag too.

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, Minerva did go out every so often and this is what she carried tied to the belt of her gown – one has to have one’s hands free for broom flying and wand waving.  I have ideas for Hagrid’s bag (I have this wonderful woolly soft furry brown material that I purchased that is just calling out to be used) and other ideas that are still fermenting.  I have to do something to keep busy until the Half Blood Prince is released.  Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more of Alan Rickman’s Snape (I’ll save my ode to Alan Rickman for another occasion).  

As a follow up to my last post – yes, apparently not tagging this with that Clay boy’s name drastically reduced my views.  Oh well, quality not quantity I always say.


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  1. I love the Bellatrix bag!!!

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