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The Seedy Side of Sugar and Spice

Sugarandspicetees.etsy.com …. Sugar and Spice and everything nice…. or so they’d like you to think.  Beautiful hand-painted children’s and women’s clothes?  Yes, but there is also a seedy side to this Etsy store.  I’ve known the proprietor of SugarAndSpiceTees since she was 4 years old and let me tell you this little girl was the first one outside after a rain storm looking for worms. As a teen-ager, she was the first in line at the Alice Cooper concerts of way-back-when (and on a personal note, this will make it official since its on the internet and it must be true “I was never at the Alice Cooper concert with you.”)  Don’t be fooled by all the cute, hand-painted butterflies on these adorable tee shirts….

Don’t be dazzled by the delicate details and embroidery like use of paint….

or the whimsical sense of humor and art displayed in these hats ….


There is a truly seedy side to Sugar and Spice and I am here to expose it:  I love these!  They are seed art, mosaic, magnets and art pieces.   They are hard to pinpoint into one category but they are beautiful and fun and lovely to have. Each seed is identified and carefully set.  Go check them out and when you buy something from her store (and I’m sure you will), make sure you tell her that I was never at that Alice Cooper concert with her.  Here’s a direct link to her store:  http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5226540


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6 thoughts on “The Seedy Side of Sugar and Spice

  1. I love Sugars seedy items and painted shirts, she’s so talented.

  2. Chauncey on said:

    Nice try, Moon, but the word on the street is you never missed seeing Alice Cooper in concert. And if its the word on the street, it must be true, right? Great feature on the talented Ms. Sugar. I have seen her seedy side and have proof of it on my refrigerator. It is an adorable yet amazing piece of art.

  3. amoonshadow on said:

    AC/DC? Yes. Kiss? Yes (3 times) even Bad Company – I was the chaperone – but Alice, nope. I’m actually more of Billy Joel/Elton John type fan.

  4. What a creative blog post. Snappy writing!

  5. If I remember correctly…I was at a Kiss concert with amoonshadow!

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