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Jackson Pollock’s Keyboard

If he had ever seen a computer keyboard (which I don’t believe he ever did), Jackson Pollock might have done something like this to it. This is the second of my computer keyboard art pieces. I felt the technique Pollack used was particularly suited to my feelings toward the keyboard (See Keyboard No. 1). I attempted to keep the colors somewhat in the range of Pollock but they turned out brighter than his usual palette. Working on trying copy Pollock’s strokes, a task at which I failed, I realized how difficult it is to control paint when it is used in this manner.  I think each artist has a  signature that comes through in his or her brush strokes so that copying a Pollock, which at first glance seems like it should be an easy task is actually, I believe, more difficult than copying a representational painter such as Van Gogh.  His brush manipulation was instinctual and instinct is difficult to reproduce. 

This piece is the size of a standard keyboard (obviously) and can be hung on a wall via its hanger (its own cable).


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2 thoughts on “Jackson Pollock’s Keyboard

  1. Great idea!

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