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Give me a comfy chair and a cup of coffee

Watching Ann Curry be sandblasted by the wind of Hurricane Gustav this morning I was wondering why she does it.  If I were being paid lots of money and had a nice comfy job on the Today Show, I don’t think I’d want to go stand out in the middle of a hurricane to report on it, or go to Darfur, or report on the tsunami devastation, or the aftermath of Katrina, or a hundred other horrible events on which she has reported.   I’ve always wondered if she volunteers or if the powers that be at the Today Show sit around a table and say, who can we send out to stand on a rooftop in the middle of a hurricane – hey, let’s send Ann! If it were me, I’d say, uh-uh, send Al this time. But I’m lazy and selfish (its good to know one’s faults).

(Clears throat)

Excuse me while I get back on the soap box for just one more comment….

Sorry I know I said I was through making political comments but I felt compelled to write about this – not that I expect much of any one is reading this but it just needs to be said.  I’m about as liberal a liberal as you can get – and I truly dislike Sarah Palin’s politics and you can tear her opinions into a million pieces if you’d like BUT leave Palin’s children alone.  Palin’s daughter has enough to deal with without national attention.  You don’t pick on people’s children!  If they are adult children and are acting in a way so as to have an effect on the country, well then have at it – but Palin’s daughter is 17, a child going through a crisis – let’s back off shall we and pretend we are civilized adults?  Now if you want to talk about Trooper-gate be my guest.


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2 thoughts on “Give me a comfy chair and a cup of coffee

  1. If you don’t already know about it, shakesville.com is a great blog that has taken this very stance.

  2. We don’t need to pick on her children, there is so much about Palin herself to bash.

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