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Salieri or Mozart?

Tonight, Palin proclaimed she’s an average hockey mom.  Personally, I don’t want an “average” anything leading the United States.  I would hope we would want someone who excels at what they do running our country.  If she had said she was an exemplary hockey mom, or the best dang hockey mom she could be, then perhaps she might be qualified to run a small town or something.  But with that declaration, Palin told us she gets by, she doesn’t strive to be the best, she doesn’t attempt to excel – she’s just average.  There is nothing wrong with average.  I’m average – but I shouldn’t be allowed to run a country.  We have average right now (some might say below-average) – let’s strive to elect a president and vice president who are excellent. 

Oh and another thing, if we’re going to keep the kids out of the campaign, let’s not parade them in front of America like a badge of honor of some sort.  We all have kids.  The 4 month old should not have been subjected to that level of noise and lights. 

By the way, Palin views on the war in Iraq scare me.  Any time you believe violence against others is God’s will, I think you can end up with a zealot.  It was sort of a Bin-Ladenesque kind of thing to say, doncha think? Different religions, same way of thinking.  Madam Bin-Palin?  (sorry – that’s sort of a low blow but I couldn’t help it).

Alright, I’m through – no more political rants from me.  I tend to speak from emotion rather than intelligence on these things and I think we need more intelligent articulation of problems and less knee jerk reactions on both sides.


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One thought on “Salieri or Mozart?

  1. The Republicans are all about pretending they’re “Average Joes/Real Americans” when in fact they represent the privileged class.

    And I agree: Who the heck wants someone who is proud of having been a “C” average student as President? Apparently, everybody who voted for Shrub… and look where that got us.

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