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Monsters from the id?

Hello – I guess either the clue was too obscure or really I have insufficient traffic to support a quiz on the blog (see previous post).  “Monsters from the id” was the reference and it is from the classic sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet starring Leslie Nielsen.  It is the movie that made Robbie the Robot the star he is today.  You know Robbie….and everyone should be familiar with Forbidden Planet!  

It was based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  I highly recommend you buy it or rent – watch the movie.  Forbidden Planet is an excellent example of 1950’s sci-fi films.  The story is excellent, the art work is superb and it is second only, in my humble opinion, to The Day the Earth Stood Still.  (They are making a remake of this classic with Keanu that is supposed to come out some time this year – the idea of remaking this classic with Keanu is the equivalent of remaking Citizen Kane starring Jack Black – an atrocity).  Anyway, that was the reference.  I’ll try one of these quizzee things again in the future if there’s any interest.


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One thought on “Monsters from the id?

  1. I love the original “day the earth stood still” I have a copy of it also 🙂 I never saw robbie the robot. I will have to find a copy of it. nice blog !! I saw your blog in an etsy thread this morning and wanted to drop by and said “morning ” 😛

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