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Smokescreen Palin Obscures True McCain

I’m tired of hearing about Sarah Palin.  I’m more interested in the reasons behind McCain’s choosing of Gov. Palin.  Did he choose her because he thought she was the second best choice to be president of the United States?  (He, obviously, being his idea of the best choice to be president.)  If he did choose her because he thought she was best choice for our country, then we really need to start worrying about his abilities to make sound judgments. 

Now, if he chose Palin, as I believe he did, because it was best for the McCain campaign, because he was thinking of himself first and the country second, then we truly have an insight into what kind of president he will be.  McCain has sold his beliefs to the political machine.  He is two faced when it comes to his family (just ask his first wife), he is two faced when it comes to our military (check out his record and also here),  and heck, he even voted against college scholarships for veterans (USA Today Article).  My favorite quote of this article, when questioned by Obama as to why McCain wouldn’t support helping vets go to college after their term of service (and mind you these are men and women who have lost so much and given so much to the country):

McCain responded with a sharp statement saying that he wouldn’t listen to any lectures on veterans’ affairs from Obama, “who did not feel it was his responsibility to serve our country in uniform.”

Isn’t that a lovely response, in effect he said “don’t you dare question me, you young whippersnapper!”  Arrogant, self-centered and uncommunicative.  And he never did answer, as far as I know. as to why veterans should not be assisted in furthering their education much like the WWII veterans were assisted.  

Oh, and how about torturing prisoners of war – surely that is something the Senator would stand his ground on, no?  Nope – he sold his soul to the GOP machine – read here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/17/

So I don’t want to hear anything more about Ms. Palin – I want to hear from John McCain.  I want to know where he stands and why.  I want him to explain his voting record in the Senate.  Sarah Palin is nothing but a smoke screen so we don’t see the man behind the curtain.  I look forward to the debates.


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