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What next – a remake of Citizen Kane starring Will Ferrell?

Sacrilege! I just saw a preview for the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  I know I should reserve judgment until I  see the film but I’ve already formed an unfavorable opinion.  As far as I can tell, the original concept of The Day the Earth Stood Still (I’m going to abbreviate it to TDTESS just cause that’s a lot to keep typing and I’m lazy) has been bastardized.  The original movie was about peace, nonviolence and creating change without violence.  In the preview I saw, Keanu Reeves hurt more people than Michael Rennie did in all of the original TDTESS.  There was destruction when the saucer landed, destruction around Keanu, destruction of buildings, fire walls, trucks disintegrating, people scrambling, collapsing, etc.  Why are they calling it The Day the Earth Stood Still – it should have been called The Day We Used As Many Special Effects as We Could Get Our Hands On to Make As Much Money as We Could.  The point of the original was a quiet threat, a show of force that was awe-inspiring but hurt now one – the potential for destruction was there but it was restrained and Earth ultimately had to make the choice (I’m trying to be vague just in case there is someone who has not seen the movie in which case please see the original first).  And why choose Keanu Reeves to play the lead?  Peter Weller would have been such a better choice – he has that quietness with intelligence that is necessary for the role (not that I’m saying Mr. Reeves is not intelligent but he can come across as rather vacant-looking).  I shudder to think what they’ve done to Gort!  I know, I know – I’m jumping to conclusions without having seen the film but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to bring myself to see the film.  Poor Robert Wise must be spinning wherever he may be.


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3 thoughts on “What next – a remake of Citizen Kane starring Will Ferrell?

  1. crotchetyoldfan on said:

    Hey! for MORE TDTESS silliness, come on by http://www.rimworlds.com/dtessfront.htm and help support TDTESSTWTOMD

  2. I saw the 8 minute preview too, and I loved it! Its 2008, and I feel this movie screamed a UPDATE. Sorry, but I think the updated movie, (I dont think they actually call it a remake), would be pretty lame on the big screen, if copied verbatim from the 1950’s.

    Lets see the whole movie, and reserve such judgement, But I have to say, I found the long preview exciting, plus scary!

    Guess what? This is ehats going on today, we live it! Aliens, hints at maybe end times. Should make for a good movie. I thought Keanu reeves did a great job in that clip. I saw him as a character, not the actor on screen. Isnt that what its all about?

  3. randy Johnson on said:

    They could have made an original with everything you seem to like, Kevin H, and just left this one alone.
    Keanu Reeves by himself would have been enough to make me give this one a pass, but watching the trailer reinforced that desire.

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