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St. Elizabeth the Crafter a.k.a. St. Betsy of Etsy

St. Elizabeth the Crafter, also known as St. Betsy of Etsy, was a pious and dedicated craft person. Her use of Etsy to sell her wares led to the simple town folk labeling her a witch. St. Betsy was tried, convicted of witchery and ordered to be beheaded. At her execution, her last request was to be allowed to list one more item. Angels appeared with a laptop and assisted her in her final wish. Upon her martyrdom, St. Betsy became the patron saint of all Etsyians who can be heard murmuring ‘Heavens to Betsy’ every time their just listed item gets buried. A prayer to St. Betsy is printed on the back of the prayer card. I have St. Betsy’s card placed by computer to remind me not to get too serious about it all – its a business but it should be fun too.

This is a digitally collaged ACEO.  It is duplex printed with a prayer to St. Betsy on the back. 

I really enjoy Photoshop – look for more images coming soon to my Etsy Shop.  If you don’t know what Etsy is – go take a look.  Its a great place to purchase handcrafted items – start thinking ahead for the holidays.


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One thought on “St. Elizabeth the Crafter a.k.a. St. Betsy of Etsy

  1. That is hysterical! I love it. Great job. Betsy of Etsy—too funny.

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