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A googol for your thoughts…

Google is giving away ten million dollars to fund five projects that they believe will have a significant impact on humanity and the planet.  Its called 10^100 i.e., Ten to the Hundredth – which apparently is what a googol is (that’s the way you spell the number doncha know).  I knew a googol was a large number but ashamedly I didn’t know that that’s what it is – 1 with a hundred zeros after it.  The word “googol” looks to me like the name of some Russian writer whose works I’ve never read.  But I digress. All the details are here: 10^100.  I think we all need to come up with something to submit.  It doesn’t hurt and it might help.

Small ideas can change the world if put into action.  I recently read about Playpumps which I think are brilliant.  Using kid-playing power to pump water in underdeveloped areas by using a merry-go-round or roundabout or whatever your culture calls it.  Its simple – the children play and exercise and water is pumped!  Amazing.  I think that’s the kind of ideas Google is looking for.  Click on the image below for more info.


And if you’re thinking with the economy the way it is, I don’t have time to think about other people’s problems — here, try this website: http://www.globalrichlist.com/index.php — You put in your income (you don’t have to be exact – you can even lie or just be vague about it if you want) and it will let you know how rich or poor you are by comparison to the incomes of the rest of the world.  Give it a try. There are no strings attached and no donation to anything is necessary.  Its just interesting.


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3 thoughts on “A googol for your thoughts…

  1. Someone needs to develope a Bacon Pump for us. The Mixed Species guys all harnessed to a contraption that would pump water while allowing us to chase some sweet savory bacon could power a small burg or ville! Great post moonshadow!

    -the Mixed Species guys-

  2. amoonshadow on said:

    Thanks Mixed Species guys – a Bacon pump! Genius!!! Quick call the Google guys…

  3. that Global Rick List is very though provoking

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