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Oooh, intelligent candidates

I have already decided for whom I am going to vote and the debate tonight did little to sway me away from my decision.  I just wonder if there are those out there who are on the fence as to who they will be voting for at this point in the game.  The one thing I enjoyed about this debate was that both candidates are capable of speaking intelligently to an issue without mispronouncing words or resorting to squinting and grimacing. 

Obama makes so much sense to me that I’m surprised that anyone could disagree with him. And while, I do not agree at all with McCain’s views and tactics (and strategies – I too understand the difference, Senator, we all do), at least he can put a coherent sentence together.  

In my opinion, for what it is worth, Obama is the best choice for President.  I don’t trust McCain for a litany of reasons – see my previous posts.  I think McCain came off as a bit of a drama queen this week with the whole “I’m suspending my campaign because of the economic crisis.”  He couldn’t possibly attend the debate it was so urgent he be in Washington.  “But oh, wait, now I can attend the debate.”  What changed?  The crisis is ongoing – no decision has been made about the bail out.  I think he just wanted the attention.  Great now I have “Dancing Queen” by ABBA going through my head.

Can’t wait for the Palin/Biden debate.  I think Palin may make Dan Quayle look like a genius.  

By the way, sometimes I marvel at the ability offered to all of us in this country, to sit and put our thoughts down, no matter whether they are sane or not, and put them out for the whole world to read.  Granted I have a readership of about two, not quite the whole world – but hey, you two readers, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to rant.


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One thought on “Oooh, intelligent candidates

  1. sixsuperfluousdimensions on said:

    (from reader #3)… Palin did make Quayle look like a genius …and she won the prize for ‘omg cutest VP everrr’
    you betcha!

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