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St. Henry of Fenestra

We all need a little help from above on occasion.  St. Henry may be just the one for you.   A most gifted mathematician and innovator, St. Henry joined the monastery at an early age devoting himself to bettering the lives of his fellow monks, whether they wanted it or not. He is credited with inventing the pocket protector, the personal parchment computation book and a listening device that worked in theory only. His death was most untimely – crashing through a large blue stained glass window while in the midst of an unsolicited lecture on proper file storage. His last words were said to have been “do you want to save the file…” Rumors circulated that St. Henry had been pushed. St. Henry is the patron saint of all who use word processing and spreadsheet programs and computer geeks in general.

This is an ACEO (2.5 x 3.5) size print of an image I digitally collaged, altered and printed on 65lb. acid free paper. The image appears on one side with the above information about St. Henry printed on the reverse side. The card comes in its own protective sleeve suitable for placing next to any computer where St. Henry can be of service.  Its available at my Etsy store – Amoonshadow – at $4.00 its a steal – go buy one today!


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