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Ruminations whilst cleaning the litter….

As I was cleaning out the kitty litter yesterday, I started thinking about George Bernard Shaw (now there’s a sentence I bet has never been typed before).  I was thinking about how disappointed Shaw would be to know that I came to his work through My Fair Lady which took me to Pygmalion and Arms and the Man and how I found his work to be so utterly romantic.  That’s right I said romantic.  I haven’t read Arms and the Man in a long time but I do remember falling for the “chocolate creme soldier.”  In retrospect, reviewing those novels and plays that enthralled me as a teenager, I find I was drawn to Shaw and Charlotte Bronte and heroes like Henry Higgins and Rochester.  Review what you read as a child and see how it reflects on your adult life.  It can be a bit of an eye-opener.  It makes you wonder if the preference for a certain type of life-drama is present within you from the start or if it is created by what you read.  I also became enamored of Shaw as a writer who could make you laugh while insinuating his ideas – anti-war, pro-underclass, egalitarian – into the fabric of the work.  Again, much of the same ideology Shaw presented reflects what I tend to believe.  And all this because I found Henry Higgins alluring (hey, I was a geeky teen – I could love Mike Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz and Henry Higgins).

One of my favorite books from when I was a wee, wee lass – I think I must have been seven or eight — was a book called “Magic to Burn.”  This book introduced me to England, bogies (sprites) and environmentalism in its earliest form.  I can still see its effects on me these many, many, and yes, I’ll add another one, many years since.  Now again, was I drawn to the book because I was predispositioned towards fantasy, and England and environmentalism and that is why I remember it and not the many other books I read or is it because it colored my world view and steered me in its direction.  Don’t know.  I’d like to be able to read “Magic to Burn” again someday.

Okay – I’m through for now – until I clean the litter out again.


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2 thoughts on “Ruminations whilst cleaning the litter….

  1. ctmott on said:

    You know, I was a terrible reader when young..Wouldn’t pick up a book and my father would always tell me, “Just try reading, it can be a good friend”..in later years, I started reading and his words proved true..

  2. I love George Bernard Shaw are thoroughly enjoyed reading his work as well as Oscar Wilde’s as a teen. Maybe I should go back and revisit them.

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