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The Proof is in the Doing…

This year I signed up to do the Breast Cancer Awareness walk.  I’m not sure quite how it happened but it happened.  Normally, I have a knee jerk aversion to any sort of planned “exercise for the sake of exercise.” It seems rather silly to me to be moving around unless there is a purpose to it.  If all of sudden I should (heaven forbid) feel like skipping down to mailbox or actually running to the store, then, I guess, should it ever happen, that would be acceptable exercise in my book.  

BUT I will perform physical activity if there is a good enough reason to do it.  Every year around March I do the 3 mile walk for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  The funds raised go to helping find a cure for MS, a cause that is near and dear to my heart.   Well, come next Sunday I’ll be up early (another great dislike of mine) to walk 3 miles (I’m hoping a fireman or two will be around to carry me if worse comes to worse) not just for the sake of exercise but to work to help find a cure for breast cancer.

I don’t sign up for things lightly.  I did some research on breast cancer research organizations and came across the Army of Women organization.  I went to their site, read what they had to say and came to the conclusion that for me signing up for the Army of Women was the right thing to do.  This is an association that is gathering as many participants as it can so that steps can be made through research and funding to deal with breast cancer.  By joining you are not doing anything but saying that you are willing to think about participating in a breast cancer study, should you meet the criteria.  Its really not very scary at all.  Here click on this Army of Women, read what they have to say and what they’re about and join if you can. 

Frankly, I’m participating in the Army of Women because I have a bunch of young little nieces and nephews and if I can participate in something that perhaps will keep them from having to deal with this form of cancer, well, you know, I always say I’d do anything for the little ones, and this is one way to prove it.


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