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Bellatrix’s Bag, Man

Bellatrix wasn’t completely evil. She just fell in with a bad crowd and in love with the ultimate bad boy. Her purse here is dark but whimsical. The outside is a sheer smiling skull pattern and it is lined in black panne and trimmed with feathers and stringy yarn (excellent for making an entrance or exit – the feathers will fly). A silver skull button provides closure. I’m sure this purse would have caught the eye of He Who Must Not Be Named – after all its a well known fact that he had excellent fashion taste.  Come to think of it, all the Deatheaters and pseudo-Deatheaters had great taste in clothes – I mean come on, Lucius Malfoy was impeccably dressed right down to the cane and Snape and his buttons and cape twirling and…. oh sorry, went off on a tangent again.  Back to the matter at hand.

The purse measures 8.5 by 10 inches (approximately) with a 28 inch (14 inch from shoulder to bag) strap.  The bag is available HERE and its on sale!  Only $10.00 for now – with the way the economy is going – who knows how much more it will be next week.  It would also make a wonderful Halloween accessory even if you’re not dressing up like Bellatrix.


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