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Hobbit Videos – Oldies but goodies?

Just for fun, two of my favorites hobbit related videos.  This one is just fun and creative and mesmerizing.

(Created by Erwin Beekveld. http://www.beekveld.com)

And this one, and let me preface this with saying I was a card carrying member of the Leonard Nimoy Fan Club in my youth but, …. well, this one is…. oh what would be a good adjective to describe it…. here, you watch it and tell me….  start with the white pants and blazer and go from there…..


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One thought on “Hobbit Videos – Oldies but goodies?

  1. haha Moon, I always enjoy your blog posts. Love the first, but couldn’t make it all the way through the second, don’t kill me. I was afraid that earworm would get in my head and never come out.

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