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It ain’t over till its over

Yogi is a very wise and astute man.  When I find myself on the verge of optimism about Obama’s chances of becoming president in two days time, I pull myself back and review past elections and remember there is no coasting towards the finish line.  His win must be overwhelming.   But my optimism was fed just a tad about half an hour or so ago, when out of the blue (no pun intended) a McCain television commercial appeared during the Amazing Race, and it was a particularly nasty, slanderous type of commercial that was, in my opinion, nothing but lies and exaggerations.   Why would this commercial make me feel optimistic about Obama’s odds of becoming our next president?  Well, I live in Arizona.  Senator McCain is having to protect his home territory.  Apparently, even the red states are turning purple and if you aren’t careful will be blue before Tuesday night.

Like I said, I know… it ain’t over till its over …. so if you haven’t voted already, get out there on Tuesday and do so, particularly if you’re voting for Sen. Obama.



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