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Craft fair!

Well, I’m off to a craft fair this weekend.  I don’t really sell much at craft fairs but I enjoy the experience.  You pack everything up, and try to plan for every possible need – food, drink, books to read, craft projects to work on, suncreen, cell phone battery charged, chap stick, scotch tape, extra ribbon – you name it, I’ve packed it and then you go off and see what  happens – its like a safari.  Granted I’ve cut down to doing only one or two craft fairs a year for now so its still exciting – if I were doing this every other weekend like I did 10 years ago, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be as excited about the process.  Let’s hope people are in a buying mood this weekend.

Here’s something I’m hoping to sell – a fairy house – click on it to get a closer  look.fairy house.


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One thought on “Craft fair!

  1. songsinthedark on said:

    I understand your feelings of excitement as well as your feelings of apprehension: Farmer’s Market Season just ended for me and mine where we sell hand made beeswax candles. The first and second year was a lot of fun going down to the market every Friday; but this last year has been daunting. Good Luck, and here’s to hoping a fairy family is given a new home!

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