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If you believe …

For a couple of weeks now, I have had this song going through my head every morning as I get ready to start my day and it flutters through at various intervals through the day for no apparent reason.  I’m not sure why but I thought perhaps if I placed it here perhaps I could figure it out:

Yeah, yeah, yeah….

Oh and as a p.s., I feel stupid for even admitting this but for anyone who read by previous post “Reality Hangs by a Thread” where I referenced Mark Everett and Hugh Everett and the parallel universes theory and all that.  Well, Mark Everett goes by the name Mr. E  sometimes and it dawned on me today out of the blue the word play there might be intentional … I’m slow…. no wonder quantum mechanics and its sundry theories make me wince in cerebral pain.  Okay, here’s one from Mr. E and Eels

If you have time and/or the inclination search for Eels cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love…. my god, what a great version of this song.  Forget Elvis! Here I’ll start you off go here:   Can’t Help Falling


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