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More cruelty from Warner Brothers….


Magnificent screen cap from the latest Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer (thanks to the Leaky Cauldron – click on the photo to go to see the full photo or go here to the Cauldron itself for all of the caps).  What?  You’ve not seen the trailer yet.  Here take a look (watch it in full screen-mode if you can).  Then we’ll discuss….

Its just plain cruel for Warner Brothers to keep taunting us with tidbits when they should be releasing the movie this month instead of next July.  But it does look like it might be worth the wait.  The screencap of Rickman almost carries a silent screen star quality about it I think.  I don’t know if its the emoting or the lighting of the scene but it carries impact – at least for me – I know exactly what scene this is – I think we all do.  It plays out all in Alan Rickman’s eyes (sigh) …. Oh, Oh-kay – I’ll get off my fangirl soap box – I’m too old for it anyway – I might fall and break a hip or something ….


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One thought on “More cruelty from Warner Brothers….

  1. Snapefan 1 on said:

    yup we all know which scene this is. Long live the prince. In some ways im glad they pushed it back because weve still got it to look forward to. But i want to see it as well. I’m so conflicted. (L) Snape
    Bloopdy fantastic. Just hope hes in it enough to satisfly myself. Chances are they may butcher it horribly. God i hope not

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