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At least we got rid of ours….

The video is remarkably well done.  I particularly like the bored expression on Putin and the concentration as Ahmadinejad knits his little potholders.  I’m glad that that cocky little self-congratulating half grin of Mr. Bush (that I so dislike) was finally put to good use.  I just wish there was a good a mechanism (free elections) for Russia and Iran to get rid of their “leaders.”

I know Amnesty International‘s message is a heavy one, but the above is funny and well made and carries their message much more so than other of their advertising I’ve seen in the past.  It goes back to George Bernard Shaw – you get the message across with humor or perhaps Mary Poppins said it best “just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”  

 I got this from YouTube by way of  TVSpot from http://efilyzarcym.wordpress.com/


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