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I found out about this movie while roaming around in other people’s blogs and went straight to YouTube, the repository of all, to pick up the trailer:  Take a look

Its kind of creepy, huh?  Its a children’s story and its directed by Henry Selick who directed Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.  The film is based on a Neil Gaiman book, Coraline, which I’ve never read.  The Amazon review (click on Coraline to read) says its for kids 9 through 12.  Really?  Again, I’m only basing my opinion on the preview above and the trailer does look visually and stylistically exciting and enticing but at the same time extremely CREEPY!  I know, I’m a big baby about scary books and movies – perhaps I have an overly vivid imagination but it all seems real to me when I read about and/or watch horrible things.  Frankly, the original Frankenstein still kind of creeps me out.  I had wanted to see Burton’s The Corpse Bride but the whole premise sounded so disgusting I couldn’t make myself watch. 

Fairy tales have always been rife with imagery depicting horrible things, tragic events, and despicable monstrosities.  For example, from Disney we get the Evil Queen asking that Snow White’s heart be brought back to her in a little wooden box!  And if you’re looking for tragedy, look no further than The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen!  (Oh great, now I have that danged song going through my head again…)  And these are the type of stories that have been told to children probably since people started gathering around a fire at night. 

Perhaps its just the opposite – perhaps instead of an overly active imagination, I’m just losing my imagination as I get older.  I guess I’ll have to go see Coraline just to give the old imagination a rejuvenating boost.


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