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Field Mice, Head Lice…

I had this little snippet of music going through my head – listen:  Flyswatter   I knew it was an Eels song but I had to go through every dang Eels video on YouTube to find it.  I have a tendency towards OCD-type behavior doncha know.  Anyway, it is such a wonderful little riff (if that’s the right terminology – I’m no musician).  That little pattern of music just feels like a fresh splash of water on the face and opens up the mind to all sorts of possibilities – is catchy but not insipid yet has a certain fairy tale-ish kind of quality – like a remembered song from childhood.  The lyrics are equally as mesmerizing – almost makes me want to break out the old cels and animate (I won’t – too labor intensive and I’m just lazy these days).  Below is the “official” Eels video to the song:

Its fun, and Mr. E is cute as all get out but I think the images detract focus from the song itself  – a little too, and I hate to be critical but then who the hell is reading this stuff anyway but me – the video comes off as too young teenage boy (nun shedding habit, etc.).  I know all videos are aimed at teenage boys and this one is really very mild by comparison.  I would have liked a more surrealistic approach to the video .  I think the illustration on the cover is closer to what I perceive is the spirit of the song – but then what the hell do I know.  

Here’s just the song without the “official video” and some of the lyrics underneath (I’m OCD’ing again aren’t I…) … I may yet end up doing some illustrating if not animating …

Little field mice
Living under the house
Never eating much
Tough life for a mouse
And if you think you’re
Gonna be spared
You’re wrong

Field mice, head lice
Spiders in the kitchen
Don’t think twice ’bout
Whatever keeps you itchin’
Ice water, flyswatter
Gonna get you through
the day

Okay to be thoroughly anal about this – here, this is the quality that is missing in the Flyswatter video.  This is kind of steampunky before steampunk:  Last Stop: This Town


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