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The Festive Geek

This is the cousin of “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Computer Mouse” (see post dated 11/22/08) This computer mouse is more of a traditionalist – his antlers are candy cane red and white, he sports a jingly jingle bell on his head and he spells his name with a “ph.” (I was going to make a litmus joke there but that’s even too nerdy for me).  Click on the image to go to my store or click here:  ETSY

He has been drilled and glued and decked out in holiday finery ready to grace your Christmas tree, office or wherever a little geeky humor is necessary. Rudolph would love to find a home where being just a little different, a little nerdy and loving the holidays is appreciated.

Rudolph has had his little roller mouse ball removed so he is light enough to be hung just about anywhere (his cable has been looped to make a hanger).  

Got to go, there a couple of guys in white  jackets knocking on the door…..


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One thought on “The Festive Geek

  1. that is too cute 🙂

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