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The Last Nerdy the Snowman

As you may or may not know, I recycle defunct computer mouses (mice?) into Christmas ornaments. This computer mouse just screamed “I’m a snowman, I’m a snowman” to me. (That’s right on occasion computer equipment speaks to me, okay?) Anyway, I paid attention and released the inner snowman with a little paint. Since he is no longer functional as a mouse, I removed his little mouse ball, used his cable as a hanger and added some festive ribbon.  Nerdy is now a Christmas ornament that would spruce up anyone’s tree – computer geek or not. 

Nerdy here is actually Nerdy the Second.  I made a Nerdy the First last year (top hat version).  Why you ask will this be the last Nerdy the Snowman – come on, I heard you – you want to know… okay, okay stop asking I’ll tell you.  Nerdy here is an old style Packard Bell mouse.  I’ve only found two of these so far in my scrounges.  I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur of computer mice.  Most computer mice are optical these days and the mechanical (ball-driven) mice are disappearing.  They used to come in all sorts of funky shapes now they are almost all the same size and shape and design. 

So Nerdy here may be one of a kind unless I come across another little round mouse asking to be a snowman.  He’s for sale at my Etsy Shop – feel free to go take a look around the shop: CLICK HERE    I have things in the shop for the geeks and the geeks at heart.

Merry Recycled Christmas to all!


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4 thoughts on “The Last Nerdy the Snowman

  1. Thatz a really cute snowman! I really like your idea of recycle! Your blog is really nice and i enjoyed visiting both your blog and shop! n_n

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  3. Holy hilarious! That’s so funny and cute. I love nerds and geeks, so this fellow is close to my heart. Awesome!

  4. That is too cute and WAY clever! Food has a tendancy of speaking to meo I completely understand!!

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