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Give a moment or two to the angry young man….

Billy Joel’s “James.”   A favorite from when there were turntables and vinyl to play on them…

And here’s another one of Mr. Joel’s songs:

Although his later stuff just doesn’t appeal to me as much, the early  music of Billy Joel provided the musical score for a lot of  life moments.  Each song can take me to a particular mood or event.  There are so many others that I won’t place here but if you’ve never heard the early Billy Joel albums, Songs in the Attic, Turnstiles, The Stranger – you owe it to yourself to go have a listen.  Try going to Songza and type in Billy Joel.  By the way, Songza is a great site especially when you just want to hear a song, not buy it – its like an on demand radio station.  While you’re there check out Angry Young Man.  

These are the lyrics to the song (in today’s society, the “angry young man” would no doubt be suspended from school, shunned by peers and most probably arrested for probable cause.  

There’s a place in the world for the angry young man
With his working class ties and his radical plans
He refuses to bend, he refuses to crawl,
He’s always at home with his back to the wall.
And he’s proud of his scars and the battles he’s lost,
And he struggles and bleeds as he hangs on the cross-
And he likes to be known as the angry young man.

Give a moment or two to the angry young man,
With his foot in his mouth and his heart in his hand.
He’s been stabbed in the back, he’s been misunderstood,
It’s a comfort to know his intentions are good.
And he sits in a room with a lock on the door,
With his maps and his medals laid out on the floor-
And he likes to be known as the angry young man.

I believe I’ve passed the age of consciousness and righteous rage
I found that just surviving was a noble fight.
I once believed in causes too,
I had my pointless point of view,
And life went on no matter who was wrong or right.

And there’s always a place for the angry young man,
With his fist in the air and his head in the sand.
And he’s never been able to learn from mistakes,
So he can’t understand why his heart always breaks.
But his honor is pure and his courage as well,
And he’s fair and he’s true and he’s boring as hell-
And he’ll go to the grave as an angry old man.


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