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Geeky gift tags

The image of St. Geekius (patron saint of computer nerds, mathameticians, and geeks throughout the world – see his story below) is set onto a tag for your holiday gifting use. His image is on one side, leaving the other side blank for you to add your message. The thread or ribbon on St. Geeky (as I affectionately call him) is actually the wires from the inside of a computer mouse cable. I have found that each cable I cut open has different colored wires.  Its kind of interesting what you find when you start deconstructing these things.  Mouse cables appear to have four copper wires sheathed in different color plastics and what looks like a white thread as well.   I’m really trying to recycle every last bit of used computer equipment I have.)  I’m still trying to come with a use for the USB connectors… nothing has quite clicked yet… but watch this space… anyway I digress…

Click on the image to go to my Etsy store to buy the tags (2 for $3.00) so you can place it on the new iPod, laptop, cellphone, GPS locator or slide ruler that you are giving your favorite nerd.  Here’s St. Geekius’ tale:

“A most gifted mathematician and innovator, St. Geekius joined the monastery at an early age devoting himself to bettering the lives of his fellow monks, whether they wanted it or not. He is credited with inventing the pocket protector, the personal parchment computation book and a listening device that worked in theory only. His death was most untimely – crashing through a large blue stained glass window while in the midst of an unsolicited lecture on proper file storage. His last words were said to have been “do you want to save the file…” Rumors circulated that St. Geekius had been pushed. St. Geekius is the patron saint of all who use word processing and spreadsheet programs and computer geeks and science and math nerds everywhere.”


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