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What did you just call me?

Unfortunately for me, I just watched a little bit of those red carpet interviews that are shown before awards shows (SAG in this case) and I was watching some woman whose claim to fame may be that she can remember what dress each star has worn to previous awards show.  This woman, seriously, I don’t really know who or what she really does, was talking to Penelope Cruz – I wouldn’t call it an interview it was just kind of talking at her.  She asked Ms. Cruz about how similar she was to her fiery character in her Woody Allen movie, I’m paraphrasing the question but it involved the word “fiery.”  Penelope Cruz made a face when asked that question and I can only assume she made that face for the same reason I would if asked that.  First, I will tell you that I am hispanic – you couldn’t tell from my writing? I know, I don’t look hispanic but I am.  And that’s the point.  People of any kind of background are just people.  I was born in South America and some of my ancestors were from Spain but that does not mean that I am just like every one else who has that ancestry – believe me there is very little that Shakira, Jorge Luis Borges and I have in common.  Each person is unique unto themselves.  No one in their right mind would ever describe me as “fiery” – whiny perhaps but fiery  – no.  Just because you come from an Hispanic culture does not mean that you are passionate and quick tempered.  Caramba!  As Desi would say “mira que tienen cosas esta gente!”  Alrighty, non-fiery rant over.


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