A MoonShadow MoonShadow

Rubeus’ Pouch

Where does the Care of Magical Creatures professor keep treats for Buckbeak or Fang? Why in this furry pouch of course! The pouch is made from the fur of Ursus Theodorus – a magical creature prone to picnics in the woods*. This extra soft curly fur pouch is also perfect for holding one’s treasures or could be used as a gift bag for that Hagrid fan’s gift (Valentine, birthday or just because gift). The pouch measures 10 x 9 inches and has a wavy linen colored band attached at one end that can be used to close up the pouch so nothing gets out. 
A little tag with the pouch information is also included.

*Not to worry – not one Ursus Theodorus was harmed in the making of this pouch. They magically change their fur once a year as they grow leaving perfectly shaped fur images of themselves behind (this is where teddy bears come from doncha’ know).

Click on the image to go to my store and purchase it for a mere $7.00 plus shipping.  I’ve decided to be even more shameless in promoting my Etsy store items.  This was the purpose of setting up the blog in the first place.


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