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Some more shameless self promotion…

From my Etsy shop, back by popular demand – its the Potions Master’s  Pouch.  Click on the pictures to go to the shop.  I’ve sold a couple of these before – but this one is a bit different.  Its not a drawstring bag.  The tie is attached on the outside and can be wrapped and tied as you like.  I think it allows for greater flexibility in storing your secrets away.  


On the outside, the Potions Master’s pouch is deep black with buttons on one side and a black ribbon to tie up all his secrets nice and tight. Inside, the lining is made of a sheer, shimmering green that peeks through the closure to remind him of his beloved’s eyes.


Measuring 8 inches by 7.5 inches, this is a lovely little bag to hide your potions, your secrets . . . and perhaps even can be used as a gift bag for that Snape lover’s birthday.  

And its only $8.50!  What to put inside you ask?  Well, how about some Slytherin book beads from Boofolobeads Etsy shop.

Boof also has a whole Harry Potter inspired section at her store – check it out:  Click here.  (and the book beads are only $5.00!)

How about a Snapey card from my shop to go along with all the gifts.  

Actually, forget giving these as gifts – keep them for yourself.  

Alright – shameless self-promotion is over .. now run over to the Etsy shop and see what else we have… 


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One thought on “Some more shameless self promotion…

  1. I always love coming across an etsy seller’s blog…I’m a huge fan of unique items …something Etsy is known for ….digging the Potions Master’s pouch….=]

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