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A very small baseball rant.

So, what is the difference between the circumstances of Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez?  Why is Bonds being taken to trial?  Well, not because he took steroids.  Bonds is going to trial because he allegedly lied to the feds when asked if he was taking steroids.  Apparently taking steroids or “performance enhancing” drugs in the major leagues is acceptable.  All  you have to do is admit it and mumble an apology the way A-Rod did and all is forgiven.  Major league baseball is rife with players who admit to steroid use and yet are still playing – Tejada, Giambi, Pettite.  Tejada too did his apologizing and well, you know, while he potentially faces prison time and deportation, he “is expected to avoid both.”  Nice.  Poor Rafael Palmeiro – all he had to do was admit he took the stuff and he could have continued playing…

Take a look at this site “Baseball’s Steroid Era” for a great graphic timeline of steroid use and the connections of users as well as an appalling list of those who have tested positive.  I think its time to stop the hypocrisy.  Let Bond’s records  stand – everyone he was playing against was apparently as juiced up as he was.  And drop the perjury trial – its absurd to try one man for the sins of a league.  

Okay – I’m through.  I’m off to buy some spring training tickets.  Steroids and hypocrisy aside, its still baseball, que no?


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