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Would you like to play a game….

Nope, not thermal nuclear war, but some challenging trivia games  Go to Sporcle – they have trivia games that test your knowledge of geography, history, sports, movies – whatever you think you are good at.  I was shocked that I couldn’t name all the presidents – they give you ten minutes and I came up I think like ten presidents short! * (see footnote).   I was also shocked by how poor my knowledge of geography still is:

stans The countries written in red are the ones I missed.  And I did just as poorly on the map of Europe!!!!  Its all these new countries —  – Asia has all these new “stans” that I’m not familiar with and Europe – Oy!  Europe, with the dismantling of  the Slavias (Czech and Yugo) and with the wars that ensued, all these countries were born whose names escaped me as I did the quiz.  

Also, these tests are particular about spelling – I wasted a lot of time trying to spell Luxembourg correctly (I forgot the “o”).  All in all they are a lot of fun – I think they’re fun anyway.  Give them a try.

Oh, and I must admit I saw this at SpyNotes blog just to give credit where credit is due.



*Yes, I know you are soooooo much smarter than I am (this is directed at one person in particular and if its you, imagine me rolling my eyes at you and saying this with a great deal of sarcasm in my voice).


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