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A St. Patrick’s Day Reminiscence

Bairns, gather round, I’ve a wee bit of advise for you.  Something I learned in me younger days.  …. Never, ever mix your drinks and, in particular, never, ever, EVER drink various servings of peppermint schnapps, green beer and Jack Daniels and Coke in one night…. ugh, I just got a little nauseous just typing that out….   Tis the anniversary of that fateful night when I tossed my cookies behind the bar, in the bushes, on the open road, and frankly I don’t remember where else …. I was smart enough not to drive  (I was too busy vomiting).  its good to have a friend who will haul your sorry-ass home  when you’ve made a fool out of yourself (and who’ll still speak to you in public lo’ these many, many years hence)…


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