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Pee Wee and the Snakes

1. rescue the snakes
To do something you’ve been putting off. To do something you don’t want to do. …
Reference: from the movie “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” The scene wherein Pee Wee Herman is rescuing animals from the burning pet shop. He does not like snakes, and rescues them last after every animal is safe, with a grimace on his face while screaming.
by Rick Anders Mar 19, 2008      From the Urban Dictionary

I didn’t think anyone else used this reference.  Its one I often use when faced with something I’d rather not do – I’ll do everything else before I rescue the snakes….. you know you have to but (shudder) not just yet….

I am in the process of motivating myself to go into my garage and sort through and organize and clean boxes of dusty, moldy memories and books and art supplies.  Its bad in there – there are huge spiders – I’m not kidding HUGE spiders…  I ignored the garage for way too long.  I went in yesterday and there were spider webs hanging from the florescent lights and on the garage doors and the walls.  It was like a house of horrors.   The garage looked something like this:  

 I grabbed my trusty Eureka vacuum and went in there sucking up webs right and left and then they started to come out… spiders… BIG spiders (think a cross between Aragog and Shelob for those Harry Potter/LORT geeks amongst us). I don’t think they’re black widows (webs aren’t crunchy enough) and they don’t really look like black widows.  I’ve decided they are brown recluses.. yup, yup that’s what they are…  One of them even had the nerve to jump me for cripes sakes!!  Normally I have no problems with spiders.  I will grab a cup, scooch them in and walk them out of the house but even I have my limits – trying to jump on me is my limit (uhg I got the willies all over again) In the spider’s defense I was trying to suck him and his web with my trusty Eureka at the time)…. 

So with a dew rag on my head, rubber gloves, bandana around my neck, socks tucked into my pants and ventilator mask on  I grabbed the poison and started to spray – unfortunately the only bug spray I had didn’t list spiders as one of the host of creatures it would kill.  I more or less drowned one of the spiders.  The one that jumped me ended up in a plastic tub – I sprayed him down but it was like a scene from a horror movie – he lay still for awhile all crumpled up and then I turn around and he was coming back out of the tub!  I yelped and sprayed enough poison in there to drown him (I’m not proud of it but it had to be done).  The other spiders just kind of got mad at me and skittered away … and they’re still in there (said in my most dramatic “I see dead people” whisper)…. 

Oh, alright… maybe the spiders are just an excuse – I only saw four live ones and I did buy some appropriate bug spray… I guess I have to go in there … but I’m still tucking  my pants in my socks ….  and wearing my dew rag  ….. and bandana  ….and gloves… and ventilator …   hmm… but first I think I’ll do a load of laundry….

Here’s the scene from Tim Burton’s Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in case you’ve never seen it.  The pet shop scene is way at the end of the clip around the 7:28 mark- but watch the whole thing – its well worth it (especially if you’re avoiding going into the garage…)


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2 thoughts on “Pee Wee and the Snakes

  1. muttslikeme on said:

    I love Urban Dictionary too. Aren’t they a great resource? You might like this one.

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