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Jugaremos en el bosque

The Eels are releasing a new CD – “Hombre Lobo” in June and have released a song from that album “Fresh Blood” – click on the image below to go listen to it… Do it…. I’ll wait here and then we can discuss….go ahead.. I know it looks scary … go…..

(I found out about the release at  Rock Hard Times)

As a relatively new Eels fan and one whose going deaf to boot, I’m not sure whether my review of Fresh Blood carries or should carry any weight, but I’ll give my opinion anyway.  Much like many of the other reviewers of this song, on first listen I wasn’t jumping up and down with enthusiasm.  First of all I don’t jump with enthusiasm, ever, …well, hardly ever … and then frankly the theme and lyrics just scared me (but then I scare very easily).   I was drawn back for another go round — its got a good percussive  hook and it pulls you in with those synthesized howls.  On second and subsequent listenings, I realized how much I enjoyed it.  What first comes off as stalking and intimidating turns into a depiction of the human experience of needing, the putting on of bravado (howling) and in the end just asking for what you want.  The last lyrics, which even with my impaired hearing I can make out state:

Whatever trepidation you might feel
In your heart, you know its not real
In a moment of clarity,
Summon an act of charity

There is also something  in the song that reminds me of a childhood game I used to play “jugaremos en el bosque meintras el lobo no esta” (We will play in the forest while the wolf is away).   A group of kids sing the song as they dance in a circle and when they stop, they ask the “wolf” who is usually hiding behind a tree if he is ready and the wolf-player will say something like he is putting on his socks or combing his hair and this goes on until the “wolf” decides he is ready and runs out and tags whoever he can catch who then becomes the next “wolf.”   Its mock ferociousness but its a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to all the new songs.


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One thought on “Jugaremos en el bosque

  1. Mike on said:

    Hello! Thanks for mentioning my blog. It’s good to read another fan’s interpretation of “Fresh Blood”.

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