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A message to ESPN

Yippee!  The 2009 season has officially started!  And double yippee and a yahooooo – the Orioles beat the Yankees yesterday!  I was home watching the game, having my blood pressure go up and yelling “You Suck” at the screen and this time believe it or not I was not yelling it at the Yankees as is my usual pattern when watching any game involving the pin-striped ones.  I was yelling it at ESPN and the stupid way they cover baseball.  I watch baseball because I want to WATCH the game.  Joe and Jon can talk all they want about what ever nonsense they want but let me WATCH the game.  Yesterday featured a what seemed like 6 minute two shot of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller talking to each other (I don’t remember what they were talking about ’cause I was yelling LET ME WATCH the game) and another 6 minute three shot interview of them and Vice President Biden.  I totally support the VP – he’s a great guy – BUT I know what he looks like (I did lose some respect for the man when he revealed himself to be a Yankee fan).  PLEASE point the camera in the direction of the field while he and Joe and Jon and whoever else are talking.  And forget the artsy shots – this is not an indy film – its a ball game – keep the camera on the action.  And this message goes to FOX too – they are the ones fond of those extreme close ups of players in the dugouts – you know the ones that get so close you feel like you are going on a Fantastic Voyage through the pores on their face…. 

Okay.  Rant over … and yeah Orioles! (Maybe this year they won’t horribly disappoint me  – say it with me guys “Yes We Can” have a winning season)


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