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Music of Glass

I once again had the good fortune of catching something on PBS last night that I wasn’t expecting to see – a documentary from 2007 on Philip Glass directed/filmed by Scott Hicks  (who also directed Shine).  I had forgotten just how much I like his music.  My first introduction to Mr. Glass’ music was through the Paul Schrader film “Mishima.”  The movie was visually stunning and the soundtrack was glorious.  It is a biography of sorts on the life (and death) of the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.  To be honest, all I remember of the film is the score and the theatrically perfect visual designs of Eiko Ishioka.  I found this at YouTube but you really need to see the whole film to get the sense of beauty.  Take a look and a listen:

Glass’ music is mesmerizing.  His work has graced many films, operas and I think even Sesame Street.  Here is a link to his website where you can hear more of his work:  Glass Audio  (my recommendation are the “Etudes for Piano”  and Koyaanisqatsi – another film worth seeing and hearing). I had the privilege of seeing him perform in person many, many years ago – just him and the piano on a wooden floor.

 I’m not sure why I’m being drawn to music as of late, and a variety of music at that (Elton to Eels to Glass).  Most usually I am a visualist – I become engaged with images and colors.  Go figure – perhaps I’m trying to hear as much as I can before I totally lose my hearing?

Below is some Glass from Mishima:


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