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Accio Countdown Widget!


I made a lovely countdown to Half Blood Prince opening widget to place in the blog.  Unfortunately, WordPress will not allow me to embed Flash animation into any post or even on the side bar.  Its their website – so as long as I live under their “roof”  I guess I can’t play with the cool toys.  See this is what I get when I load the code:  

If you click on the above – I think you can see the widget I created.  Its not saved – I used some one else’s widget as the basis for mine – I removed their picture and placed in a time clock and text in there.  You can go to SpringWidget and copy the code and place it on your site –  some one should get some use of it – feel free – mention my blog if you’d like.  You can also go to SpringWidget and make you’re own – drop me a comment if you do I’d like to see it. 

Long story short – the date for U.S. Half Blood Prince movie premiere has been moved to July 15, 2009 (check out the IMDB)

Here’s the image I used from the above banner to create the countdown widget that you can’t see:

Accio Half Blood Prince

Accio Half Blood Prince




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