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I am not…

…obsessed.  It just so happens that the new trailer came out on the same day I happened to have a posted a Potter related blog post.  Oh, here just watch the newest trailer:

If you want a higher def/better version of it go here:  Yahoo  or better yet – go to the Leaky Cauldron. They have the trailer in all sizes, all the new banners, and hopefully soon screencaps:  The Leaky Cauldron Online Full Trailer  They also have new posters – this one of Ron is particularly nice I think and it has the date of release correct on it (unlike the trailer):   Ron Promo Poster  – sorry couldn’t get it to embed.

I was recently discussing with a friend whether they would include the first chapter of the Half Blood Prince with the prime minister and it looks like from this that they might.   I’m trying to remember if that Snape line “Its over” is from the book or not.  I’ll have to check and get back to you on that…. no I’m not be obsessive … just thorough….


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