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As Stuart says…

“Look what I can do!”  I was lurking on this blog “Kitchen Scraps” where she was talking about the new Half Blood Prince trailer being available at Apple.com/trailers in really high definition.  She has some great screen caps she made from that trailer (go take a look – there are major spoilers,  so beware if you haven’t read the book  … but then you shouldn’t be here either if you haven’t read the book…)  

While looking at her marvelous screen caps – it dawned on me – HEY! I have the ability to do screen caps too with my handy-dandy Mac!  I went to Apple.com, ran the trailer at the highest resolution/size available (it overflowed my screen) and with the Grab utility that comes standard with all the other great Apple software I took pictures of my screen as I single framed through scenes.  What a great toy – its a wonder I haven’t played with it before.  There’s some lovely animation possibilities here – heck it beats animating the old fashioned way – years and years of painting cels by hand (I did some hand drawn animation in a previous life).  

Anyway, I’m going to stop with the Harry Potter stuff before I ruin the movie for myself and others.   I’m off to find my copy of Lord of the Rings… (skips away gleefully to play)  Oh wait  (skips back with LOTR DVDs in hand)  …. Oh yeah, here are a couple of my screen caps ….

Fight back you coward

Snape Blocks



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