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Obama at the Wheel

When I was a child (and yes, I was a child at one point), Sunday nights would find us as a family driving in from Long Island or Bear Mountain into Jackson Heights after a long day or sometimes a weekend of playing outdoors.  Our parents understood that as children we needed to get out of the city and into some sort of natural environment where we could run, scream and play and even on the very modest income of a painter, they managed to give us this luxury.  On those long Sunday drives back home, invariably we would fall asleep in the back of the station wagon.  We were exhausted and there was no need for us to stay awake.  Pop was driving and we had complete and total trust in him.  We knew that our father would do the right thing, get us home safely and we had no need to worry.  We could just sleep.  

This is how I feel right now about our President.  After 8 years of not being able to relax, of feeling that I had to be hyper-vigilant about everything that Bush and his cohorts were doing, and make sure my voice was heard when he invariably took the wrong road, I am willing to trust again.  I am willing to sleep in the backseat while President Obama steers the course and its a good feeling.  I trust the he has my best interests at heart, that he will do the right thing and get us where we need to be.   I probably will start paying attention to where we are headed a little more closely in a few months, once the weariness and tension of 8 years of screaming “look out” and “no, not that way” have been eased by a bit of rest.   

You may think I’m wrong to trust any politician but at this point I feel I the President has earned my trust.


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One thought on “Obama at the Wheel

  1. As a child right now (13), your first sentence was pretty funny.

    I really agree with this post. Obama, although we do need to pay attention to his decisions and their aftermaths, we don’t nearly have to strain our necks at him nearly as much as bush anymore.

    I really enjoy this blog — would you take a look at mine and tell me what you think? Its new and I need some feedback. Thank you.

    pacer521, author of

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