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Is it me?

Perhaps my judgment with regard to the new Eels video is clouded by age, high expectations or maybe I’m just way too uncool.  Take a look at the new video first – I can’t embed it – you’ll have to go here if you’re interested Fresh Blood Video

I understand what is being attempted and I like the bit of humor – I get the werewolf references, and the Jack the Ripper undertones (with a smattering of Lucha Libre and the slight “Touch of Evil”  feel) but ultimately my total reaction was – feh.  I like the song but at first viewing the video seemed just amateurish. 

I researched the talent behind the making of the video – and its Jesse Dylan – an accomplished filmmaker (and son of Bob).  

So, I must therefore come to the conclusion that its me, not them.  How can I question the judgment of Dylan and Everett in giving us this ruby-toned jewel of a video?  Its just not my cup of tea – particularly the bikini swim scene (reminiscent of Flyswatter doncha think) – but I am most likely not the demographic they’re aiming at. 

I’m buying Hombre Lobo when it comes out because I think I’ll enjoy the music.  The videos to the songs… well, perhaps we could get more imagery like we got in Tremendous Dynamite in the next  one.


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