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Stream of thought ramblings and Charles Nelson Reilly

I spent the weekend making an art doll.  Well, actually, I’m still making her.  I’m taking a break while the base which I just varnished dries.   I’ve never made an “art doll” per se before – I’ve made and sold what I call spirit dolls which are cruciform branches, usually palo verde, adorned with minerals, cloth, copper wire and what have you, all incorporated to provide meaning to the assemblage.  This doll is a figure with a polymer clay face and hands, a much more representational and traditional looking doll figure.  I think she may be Queen Mab or possibly a crone fairy – we’ll see who she decides to be.  As I was working on the doll’s face, peering over the top of my glasses to get a better look at the details, Charles Nelson Reilly sprang to mind.  Why Charles you ask?  Do you remember Charles I say?  Well, if you do, you certainly remember the man was a wonderful story teller and a story he had spun oh so many years ago came to mind – I wish I could find it in video or written format but I haven’t been able to do so as of yet.  The story he told was of himself as a small boy, he would sit in the small apartment he shared with his family and he would sew puppets and when he told this story on the Merv Griffin Show or where ever it was I heard it, he mimicked that position all of us geeky, near-sighted folk use to work – glasses at the far end of our noses, what ever we are working on within an inch or two of our faces and that intense focus of doing something you are enjoying.  In looking for this clip I came up on so much wonderful information on Mr. Reilly – I think he was an actor/personality we all took for granted and never appreciated the true depth of his talent – he was so much more than Hoo Doo.  He was a respected actor and acting teacher and director of theater and opera productions.  I fondly remember him playing “Jose Chung” in the X-Files and Millennium (I believe that was the only Millennium episode I ever watched – it was way too dark for me….)  I spent the weekend, quietly, alone with Garrison Keiller in the background at points, and a variety of t.v. shows at other times – saw, or rather heard, the end of Mission to Mars with Cheadle and Sinese – it didn’t look half bad – but then I only saw the last half hour….. working away on a doll that may or may not ever see the light of day – perhaps I’ll post her here when I think she’s done …. Anywhooo – here’s the closest I could come to Charles Nelson Reilly’s sewing story – not really the story I remember him telling but its as close as I could get – its about three quarters of the way in:


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