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Chau Bela…

I lost a friend of 19 years on Saturday.  A friend to whom I fear I was neglectful even though she stood by me through some of the worst times in my life.  A friend I turned away on more than one occasion, choosing to go my own selfish way rather than to stop and be with her.  A friend  on to whom, while thinking I was making her life better, I inflicted the terror that was Curley who made her life so miserable that I’m surprised she stuck around.  Good-bye Bela and thank you for being there for me for all these years.  When told of Bela’s passing, my nephew,  after crying a good long while with me, asked for a pen and drew these – I like the smile on her face.  I hope she is smiling right now and slapping Curley on the back as they reminisce about old times.




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