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Wizards dining…

Okay – I’m going to go all fangirl if you’ll permit me…. (clears throat)  OMG!!!! Two of my favorite actors who portrayed two of my favorite wizards in two of my favorite film series allegedly dined together recently  (Ian McKellen and Alan Rickman, Gandalf and Snape, LOTR and HP. )  Go here to this blog for more details and more photos.  Sir Ian looks positively rakish and Mr. Rickman, well, he looks pretty good too (altho’ I really wish he wouldn’t only button the top button on his jackets – it gives a rather pear like appearance, que no?).  Frankly I would be content with just the audio from the encounter – they have two of the most sonorous, evocative and downright seductive voices in cinema and theater today. (Yes I’ve been hitting the thesaurus again.)

They starred together in Rasputin many years ago – if you have a DVD copy of the film and would like to send it to me be my guest 🙂 (It doesn’t seem to be available in DVD format for U.S. consumption – at least I’ve not found a copy yet…) and if you would like to see Sir Ian in a truly great performance may I recommend Gods and Monsters

Alright then fangirl moment over… move along nothing further to see here … oh wait… did I tell you I got an autographed photo from Viggo Mortensen delivered to me the other day, not by Viggo unfortunately but a friend who knows someone very close to him and he signed it to me with a little heart on it and he misspelled my name but who cares cause Viggo actually signed it and I’m erhh…. ahem …. sorry, sorry (picture Graham Chapman saying that)  no more silliness from me …  I am adult woman and not a squeeing fangirl …. 


(rushes back in)…. but really that picture Viggo autographed was sooooooo coooooool.   I just hope he never sees my Christmas card posting where I sort of intimated we were married …… 


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2 thoughts on “Wizards dining…

  1. Hey, thanks for posting those. I saw a couple of photos from this on another website but they werent as good. YAY! Regarding AR – he always wears his coat like that, and I’ve been told that that’s the “proper” way to button it, but… yeah. 😛 Thanks again!

  2. amoonshadow on said:

    Thank you – I’ve been a visitor to your blog on more than one occasion – love the Isle of Wight adventure especially!

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