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Tickling gorillas

I went to the NPR website looking for the interview of Mark Everett that was broadcast on Weekend Edition this morning and found all sorts of interesting stories.  Here’s a sampling of what I found on my way to E’s interview.

Tickling Gorillas – Go to the link and listen to it if you can rather than just reading about it.  At least for me, the sound of a child laughing automatically brings a smile to my face.  The story goes on to explain the sounds primates make when tickled, the research into all primates (humans included) laughter response and the questions this response  provokes.  Plus, really, I just like the idea of going up to a huge gorilla and going tickle, tickle, tickle … go take a look – there’s video and sound if you’re equipped for it.

Stretching the brain – Again, read the article but listen as well.  You’ve got to keep all those synapses snapping people – the more new ones the better – i.e, get out of the routine and try something new (I’m really giving myself a pep talk here – I can sometimes just feel the brain cells oozing out of my ears from lack of use …)

El Hombre –  Here is a link to the NPR Weekend Edition radio interview of E that was broadcast this morning.  Its quite interesting particularly his comments about Electro Shock Blues and having do to what you think is right artistically.   Again, listen to it if you can rather than just reading about it.

I guess I really should pick up a copy of Everett’s book when I buy Hombre Lobo ….

I’m sure you can find other stories that might interest you.  Go poke around and see what you find – it’ll be good for your brain.


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